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Frequently Asked Questions - Permits

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How do I get a permit ?

Student and employee permits may be obtained by stopping by Parking Services' office or online. If you would like to purchase a permit in person, you must bring a form of identification.

What information must I provide to Parking Services if I get a new vehicle?

We require a copy of the new vehicle's registration.

Which lot(s) am I eligible for?

Who is eligible for payroll deduction?

Permanent employees, 35-week employees, and GEO members are all eligible for payroll deduction.

How many deductions are made?

Who is eligible to purchase a portable permit?

Employees may purchase a portable permit at any time. Off-campus students who have two vehicle registrations assigned to their permit are also eligible. The fee is $10.

Do I need two permits if I alternate between parking two vehicles on campus?

For customers alternating between two or more vehicles on campus, Parking Services offers a portable permit for $10 above cost of an adhesive permit. The portable permit should be properly displayed on the vehicle, and may only be used with vehicles that have been registered with the permit.

Can payments be made with a UCard?

UCard payments must be made in person at the Parking Services office.

Why did my waitlist position number change?

The availability within a lot is based on capacity. All lots are continually reviewed to ensure that as space becomes available, those who are on a waitlist receive priority. To ensure the integrity and consistency of the waiting list, requests are entered as of the date they are made. Requests come from several sources and due to delays with merging data, number assignments may fluctuate until all requests have been entered.

Based on special circumstances, how can I request to park in a lot not available for sale?

You can fill out the special request form available online and bring/mail it to the Parking Services office. The special request will be reviewed and you will be notified by phone or email of the decision.

Do I need to return a permit when I get my replacement permit?

There is a $5.00 replacement fee for permits not returned to us when a replacement permit is needed.

How do I return a permit?

Bring the permit back to parking services for a prorated refund.

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