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Occasional Parking Permits

This program is designed for those who normally walk, bike, or take the bus to campus, but who must, on occasion, drive to campus. The current UMass parking program requires that employees and students purchase a year-long, full price parking permit regardless of how often they drive to campus. The Occasional Parker Program will provide discounted books of one-day parking passes for those who are already doing their part to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles coming on campus.

The passes are sold in books of 20 and participants are eligible for up to three books per year (Sept. 1 through Aug. 31). Max of three per academic year for employees and two for students. To register for the Occasional Parker Program, please visit Parking Services. If you already have a current UMass parking permit, you can exchange it at the Parking Services office for a pro-rated number of Occasional Parker passes. You will also receive a pro-rated refund for your current parking permit. Only UMass employees and students are eligible for this program.


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